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My story

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Believe it or not... My artistic career started the "traditional" way, with figurative art!

But I wasn't happy with my work; it seemed to lack depth and could be done by anyone - with a little practice 😉


Then came life and its challenges. In the midst of the harshness, a serendipitous encounter with an energy therapist illuminated the path to self-reconciliation.


Drawing called out to me again and I heeded it with all my heart.


I have no memory of why I did this, but my first piece was a self-portrait that I drew with my eyes closed, guided by my feelings. Revelation! My paintings spoke of my wounds with disturbing acuity, prompting me to delve deeper into their healing.

Over time, I extended this approach to friends, uncovering hidden wounds that sought recognition and needed to be addressed.

Today, I paint portraits of all kinds of people, renowned people and unknown, and they continue to reveal what needs to be.


Whether you're an art lover, fascinated by history, or intrigued by what my portraits tell, there's something for you in my paintings. 


Through my portraits, I strive to evoke intense emotion, relevance, and inspire viewers to connect with their inner selves, their hearts. It feels so intensely good!


To be connected.

It's so intensely good!

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