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nouvelle cuisine

Acrylic on canvas

Signature on the back

30 x 40 x 1.6 cm.

12 x 15 x 0.6 inch.


The Famous French Collection

This Lyon-based master chef has revolutionized the culinary arts with an avant-garde vision. His innovative creations push the boundaries of traditional cuisine. His unique talent and exceptional culinary masterpieces have elevated gastronomy to new heights, making him an iconic figure in the culinary world.


Did you know?

In 1921, Paul Bocuse’s grandfather ceded his name to a Russian named Borisoff, in exchange for the hand of his rather beautiful wife. With the moniker ‘Bocusoff’ - a humiliation of sorts for the family - after winning his third Michelin star, Paul paid to have the family name restored to its original ‘Bocuse’, and it has been emblazoned in giant neon lettering outside the chef’s eponymous restaurant in Lyon ever since.

Nouvelle Cuisine
Nouvelle Cuisine
Nouvelle Cuisine
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